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CHAINSAW MAN REVIEW (*spoiler warning)

Chainsaw man has been a hot manga recently and we’re gonna admire an anime that is completed by SMAPPA studio. Let’s have a look at this manga, Chainsaw is a comedy horror, and dark fantasy manga, and the author of the series named Fujimoto Tatsuki, is an outstanding talent of the young mangaka generation of Japanese. He was born in 1993, and although he is so young he built certain achievements for readers in the entire world with only two works, that is one – shot manga Good Bye Eri and Chainsaw man.

The manga is divided into two parts, now the author just created one part. The manga is talk about a youth named Denji, when he was a child, he was borne a huge debt because his father left. In order to make a living and paid all the debt, he became a monster hunter. The devil that he makes a contract is Pochita, it’s like a mixture between with a pig and a dog (^^) and Denji sees Pochita very coincidentally. Pochita is so so loyal. After being plotted by villains, so as to save Denji’s life, Pochita is sacrificed, becomes one with Denji, becomes a heart of Denji and since then he is no longer a human.

The contract between Denji and Pochita

Denji becomes a person who is a haft human and haft demon type, from then on he cannot feel happy, sad, or angry anymore… Because we all know, basically devil is just the devil, they don’t have the ability to love, to feel affection like humans. Although Denji still lives with a very optimistic, positive morale and like the girls but he can’t feel the feelings human-like before. By the accident, Denji saw Makima – the girl who caused too much suffering in Denji’s life. Makima is a captain of the demon hunting team of the Japan Security Bureau. In order to take advantage of Denji’s power, she pretended to “adopt” Denji, as well as give him a place to eat, a place to stay, even if gives him his best friends, the comrades who don’t care about their lives just to protect him (or rather, protect the power of a monster sleeping inside Denji).

Denji's teammate

Because in order to fully exploit Denji’s true power and to eliminate all demons (including the strongest demons like dark demons, …) Makima did not hesitate to take advantage of Denji’s comrades in birth and death. In fact, Makima is also not human, but a dominant demon, accompanied by other terrifying powers that almost no one can defeat. Only the saw demon Denji can defeat Makima, but along the way, many people have died because of her terrifying psychological manipulation. (Until now, I still feel angry with the author when I read the manga). I don’t know if it’s because it’s so evil or because it’s so strong that everyone wants to kill Makima -.- Btw, it’s still a horror story worth reading, even though it’s a bit violent, there’s also a lot of killing scenes, gore but the plot is quite good, there are many unexpected plot twists. Especially the main male is not the bold type of hero like in the series Naturo, Luffy, etc., on the contrary, Denji is the type of anti-hero character. But despite being an anti-hero, Denji is a carefree, happy-go-lucky, somewhat stupid person (so he was deceived by Makima), and especially extremely optimistic and optimistic to the point of madness.

This is probably the craziest male protagonist I’ve ever read in all kinds of stories. That rambling is long enough, if you want to enjoy the series, you should read it. These are just a few details in the story that I want to talk about for your reference. If you like it, then jump in the hole. Well, I have read many other reviews that say the author has incorporated metaphorical images as well as symbolic images of politics, religion, etc., so if you are interested in the manga or if you love mystery, then read this series right away.

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